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Marketing material  
Flyer Cellab® Bioreactor System in English   Download [PDF] 1.7 MB
Flyer Cellab® Bioreactor System in Russian  Download [PDF] 2.2 MB
Flyer Cellab® Bioreactor System in Chinese  Download [PDF] 0.3 MB
Flyer Cellab® Module Production in English  Download [PDF] 2.3 MB
Application notes  
Application Note: Efficency in antibody production: a comparison  Download [PDF] 0.3 MB
Application Note: Efficient antibody production with
Cellab® Bioreactor System
 Download [PDF] 0.2 MB
Application Note: High-density culture of hybridoma cells in diaserts  Download [PDF] 0.2 MB
Application Note: Efficient cell culturing for mesenchymal stem cell applications   Download [PDF] 0.8 MB
Application Note: Long term cultivation of a protein secreting
HEK293 cell line in 3 parallel self-contained hollow fiber bioreactor systems
 Download [PDF] 0.9 MB
Terms of Conditions  
AGB Sales  Download [PDF] 0.7 MB