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Cellab GmbH
Juri-Gagarin-Straße 13A
01454 Radeberg

Telephone: +49 3528 431 413
Fax: +49 3528 431 430

E-Mail: info(at)cellab.eu
Internet: www.cellab.eu

Registration court: Dresden District
Court Registration number: HRB 33192
VAT number: DE 2933848912

Person responsible for the content in compliance with § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:
Cellab GmbH
Juri-Gagarin-Straße 13A
01454 Radeberg

CEO authorised as representative:
Dr. Michael Juchem

Design and CMS programming:
MedienTeam Dresden GmbH
Agentur für Kommunikation & Design
Heinrichstrasse 1
D-01097 Dresden
Telephone: 0351-2137000
Fax: 0351-2137010
E-Mail: info(at)medienteam.biz
Internet: www.medienteam.biz

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