Cellab® Bioreactor System

Docking station

  • Automated medium flow control inside a disposable set by a peristaltic pump
  • Controlled oxygen supply to the gas transfer module
  • Ability to set-up of individual cultivation protocols
  • Process documentation with continuous data recording
  • Operates in standard CO2 incubators
  • High flexibility with single or multichannel medium pump
Cellab Docking Station

The Docking Station is a reusable electronic control device that includes pumps and controllers to operate Cellab® Disposable Sets. It fits into a standard CO2-incubator, which provides temperature and gas control. All steps of the cultivation process can be adjusted and monitored by the Cellab® Control Center, the specially designed software program running on a standard Windows computer.

Features & benefits

Closed System

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All steps are performed under a closed and bio-safe manner which significantly reduces the need for manual manipulation. This results in less open door time, reduced risk of contamination and a more reproducible cell growth environment.


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After software installation, the docking station communicates via a USB-connection cable with a control computer allowing process monitoring from outside the incubator.

Continuous Medium Supply 

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Continuous and precise medium distribution within the closed tubing system provided by a peristaltic pump guarantees a sufficient nutrient supply to the cells during the entire cultivation process.

Sautomatic control 1oftware controlled cell cultivation

The Cellab® Control Center is a software program specially designed to operate and maintain the bioreactor system. It can be installed in a standard Windows computer located outside the incubator. The docking station communicates with the computer via a USB connection. After initial definition of the required process parameters, the system can be run on its own with parallel data logging and no need for a permanent PC connection.

The software interface allows the following features:

  • Setting up individual cultivation programs
  • Continuous or fed/batch medium distribution
  • Set medium flow rates according to nutrient consumption in the bioreactor
  • The gas pump provides fresh and oxygen rich air to the cell culture medium by pumping air from the incubator environment into the system via hollow fiber based gas transfer modules integrated in the disposable sets
  • Continuous data logging saved on internal storage drive allows detailed process documentation and post cultivation analysis
  • Integrated temperature sensor that continuously measures the incubator temperature and easily detects any interruption of the incubator environment
  • Integrated Autostart option secures the cultivation process against any interruption caused by a power failure e.g. insufficient medium supply caused by a not running pump
  • Easy reconnect does not require a dedicated computer to operate the docking station
  • Control of several docking stations at the same time using only one control computer

Versatility operating up to 5 bioreactors in parallel

Cellab offers two types of docking stations that are available either with a 1-channel medium pump or a 5-channel medium pump. The 5-channel pump allows parallel cell cultivation and easy scalability of the production without changing the process. This speeds up your cultivation process from lab scale to market and reduces expenses for multiple validation efforts.

Design simplicity

The reusable docking station is designed to operate in a standard CO2-incubator which provides temperature and CO2 control. It has a compact footprint and can remain in an incubator after the initial system set up. The connection between disposable set and docking station is made by connecting the pump tube into the peristaltic pump and by connecting the gas transfer module with the gas pump. The pump tube is part of the disposable set which offers a user-friendly connection while maintaining system sterility.

The docking station requires very little technical expertise and labor time for training and set-up in comparison to other complex automated cell culture devices.

Technical specification & ordering information

CBRS Docking Station Tabelle

The docking station is delivered with the Cellab® Control Center software and associated setup data files.

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