Cellab® Bioreactor System

Scaffold Holder - Disposable set

  • Easy to use disposable cell culture system
  • Dynamic 3D perfusion allows optimal nutrient supply to the scaffold
  • Automated cultivation process provides high level of reproducibility
  • Closed system enables GMP-conformity
  • High flexibility with up to 5 scaffold holders in parallel
Cellab Disposable Set Scaffold Holders

The Cellab® Bioreactor System with scaffold holders represents a highly flexible and efficient bioreactor configuration for tissue engineering using up to 5 individual scaffolds. The scaffold consists of a porous biocompatible material that provides a three-dimensional support for initial cell attachment and subsequent tissue formation. Each scaffold holder is integrated in a Cellab® Disposable Set and operated by a Cellab® Docking Station guaranteeing a sufficient supply and distribution of nutrients and oxygen through the porous scaffold and into the cells. The docking station allows for automated medium supply via flow perfusion.

Features & Benefits

Perfusion Culture

Cellab Disposable Set Perfusion culture

The scaffold holder system forces the cell culture medium through the porous scaffolds by a peristaltic pump. This provides a continuous and controlled distribution of nutrients over the scaffold.

Mechanical stimulus in the form of fluid shear within the scaffold is directly applied to cells. This enhances the early proliferation, differentiation and matrix production.

3-dimensional scaffold*

Cellab 3D Scaffold

The three-dimensional scaffold structure provides the necessary support for cells to attach, proliferate and maintain their differentiated function. Its geometry defines the ultimate shape of the new grown soft or hard tissue.

This allows the adaption of the scaffold to the mechanical need of the desired tissue.

*scaffolds are not included

Parallel experimentation

Cellab Disposable Set Parallel experimentation

The scaffold holder system provides a cell culture platform that allows for the parallel cultivation of up to 5 individual scaffold-cell composites that can be accurately and economically produced.

Users can develop a customized solution of different scaffolds for specific cell and tissue regeneration working on a single bioreactor platform under constant environmental conditions.

Superior tissue culture on 3-dimensional scaffold structures

  • Complex tissue structures with optimized in-vivo- like cell to cell interactions
  • Sufficient media perfusion allows medium supply to cells in all dimensions
  • Cells proliferate all over the surface of the scaffolds and produce an extracellular matrix
Cellab Disposable Set Superior tissue cultureCulture of biphasic alginate gels with embedded hMSC.
LIVE DEAD staining after 15 days of cultivation shows higher viability in perfusion culture (B) compared to static culture (A)..

Greatest flexibility with your individual scaffold

Scaffolds are made of synthetic and natural materials either of organic or inorganic origin. Common materials are polylacticcoglycolicacid (PLGA), polyglycolid, polylactid, polycaprolactan (PCL), ceramic, hydroxylaptit, collagen, fibrin, corraline, chitosan etc. The poly(α-hydroxy esters) such as poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) copolymers have been extensively investigated because they are FDA approved for certain clinical uses. For clinical use it is essential that the material be biodegradable or bioresorbable over a defined period of time. The degradation products should be easily metabolized by the human body.

Furthermore scaffolds can vary in their appearance that ranges from a gel, sponge, hard foam, mesh or woven textile. This offers a wide range of different geometries with clearly defined pore size, porosity and shape and also wide-ranging compositions from large compounds to fine textures like microfibers or nanofibers. Scaffolds with nanometer scale structures recreate a closer mimicry of the microenvironment of the human body e.g. native bone extracellular matrix molecules. Therefore the tissue engineering improves to more in-vivo like conditions such as an increased osteogenic differentiation of cells. All of these scaffold types are compatible with the Cellab® Bioreactor System.

Plug & Play cell culture System

The Cellab® Bioreactor System can easily be integrated into your existing lab infrastructure and cell culturing methods without any specific requirements for your laboratory, materials or media. The entire system is designed to fit in a standard CO2-incubator and the associated software runs on a standard Windows computer without the need for a permanent connection.

Disposable sets are delivered fully assembled and pre-sterilized. Once the disposable set is connected to the docking station and the media is added the cell culture process can be started.

Automation for reproducible cell culturing

The Cellab® Bioreactor System is a semi-automated cell culture platform that allows for early stage standardization in to reproducible cell culture processes which can reduce later revalidation efforts.

Less medium changes are required, reducing the risk of contamination and saving time.


The Cellab® Disposable Set with scaffold holders provides an optimal cell culture platform for your individual scaffold made of various materials and shapes. Due to the variety and flexibility of the different scaffold types, the system is suitable for a broad range of applications in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The tissue-engineered products could be cartilage, bone, nerves, muscle, bladder, liver, etc.

Tissue engineering

 Versatility in the biotech landscape

  • 3D tissue cultivation
  • Tissue implant research and development
  • Cartilage and bone regeneration
  • Stem cell research

Application overview

Technical specification & ordering information

CBRS Scaffold holder

All Cellab® Disposable Sets are intended for single use only and will be delivered sterilized by gamma irradiation, SAL 10-5. All our products are delivered fully assembled and ready to use with an initial set of sterile filters, caps and one medium transfer system for the media filling process.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services.

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