Cellab® Bioreactor System

Insert Supply System

  • Easy to use disposable cell culture system
  • 2-compartment technology leads to high-density cell culturing
  • Parallel cell cultivation in up to 6 inserts
Diasert Set White

The Insert Supply System represents a highly efficient bioreactor configuration suitable for small scale biomass or protein production as well as tissue cultivation like human artificial skin models.
The heart of the bioreactor is flat membrane inserts that are placed in a Media Supply Plate. Its large media reservoir has the same footprint as a standard multiwell plate. The semipermeable flat membrane in each insert is made from different materials and properties depending on the application. The membrane forms a two compartment system by separating cells from medium and allows high density cell culturing with improved culture quality.

Features & Benefits

Semipermeable membrane

Cellab Products semipermeable membrane

The porous surface structure of the membrane provides an in-vivo like culture environment with excellent nutrient supply.

The membrane allows a free mass transfer via diffusion between the cell and the medium compartment. The defined membrane cut-off retains cells, proteins and high molecular weight growth supplements in the cell compartment.

The result is a high concentrated culture product and less need for growth factor supplementation.

2-compartment technology 

Cellab Products 2 compartment technology

The semipermeable membrane physically separates the bioreactor in a medium and a cell compartment. The membrane allows continuous diffusion of nutrients to the cell compartment on top of the membrane with a concurrent removal of metabolites.

This enables long-term cell culturing with high yields of concentrated cell culture products.

Parallel cultivation

Diasert Set Blue

The Insert Supply System provides a cell culture platform that allows for the parallel cultivation of up to 6 individual cultures. Each insert represents an individual growth chamber.

The scale up process can be extended beyond the insert volume by using hollow fiber bioreactors with increased surface to volume ratio.

Diasert single 2Design simplicity of the Insert Supply System

The Insert Supply System combines a Media Supply Plate (MSP) and up to 6 flat membrane-based cell culture inserts. The MSP is one large media reservoir with the footprint of a standard multiwell plate. The membrane inserts are secured in the insert carrier plate that is fixed in the MSP. The insert carrier plate prevents floating of the inserts. The Insert Supply System enables cultivation of up to 6 different cell cultures in parallel, each contained in an individual insert.

Flexibility with different membrane types:

Regenerated celluloses

Cellab Cellulose membrane

  • Amorphous gel-like structure
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low protein binding
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Hydrophilic

Ideal suited for molecular filtration, separation and purification of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, viruses etc.


Cellab Polycarbonate membrane

  • Uniform porous structure with narrow pore size distribution and high pore density
  • Low protein binding
  • Good support for adherent cell cultures
  • Hydrophilic

Ideal suited for micro filtration, separation, tissue engineering, biomass production



Bioreactor systems using flat membrane inserts form an ideal environment for adherent and suspended cells. These bioreactors protect against shear stress and mimic the way cells grow in the human body which is superior to static processing in cell culturing vessels like T-Flasks. It is applicable to either serum-supplemented or serum-free cell cultures.

This makes the Insert Supply System suitable for a broad range of different applications including:

Protein production

Lab- and small-scale protein production of up to 8 mg of highly concentrated cell products (e.g. hybridoma based monoclonal antibody production, recombinant protein production etc.)

Biomass production

Culturing up to 150.000 adherent or suspended cells (e.g. mesenchymal stem cells)

Tissue engineering

Culturing artificial tissues (e.g. production of human artificial skin models for toxicity or skin compatibility testing, skin replacements etc.)

Cellab also allows for scalability of your production process that makes it suitable from the very beginning of your cell culture process development up to pilot scale production. As a result, it allows your cell culture process to scale from lab to market with greater pace and efficiency by minimizing costs and shortening timelines.

 Versatility in the biotech landscape

  • Tissue engineering
  • Toxicity testing
  • Drug discovery
  • Air liquid interface cultivation
  • Co-culture studies

Applications overview

Technical specification & ordering information

Manual Insert Supply System

Cellab Ordering Information ISS Manual
Cellab Manual Insert Supply System

The Insert Supply system is intended for single use only and will be delivered sterilized by radiation. 

The inserts are packed individually for better customization according to your culturing needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services.


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