Cellab® Bioreactor System

Hollow Fiber Bioreactor - Disposable Set

  • Easy to use disposable cell culture system
  • 2-compartment technology leads to high-density cell culturing
  • Closed system enables GMP-conformity
  • Optimal oxygen supply via integrated gas transfer modules
  • Automated cultivation process provides high level of reproducibility
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The hollow fiber bioreactor - Disposable Set is a highly efficient bioreactor configuration suitable for small scale biomass or protein production. The heart of the bioreactor is the hollow fiber module. It is composed of straw-like semipermeable membranes with a high surface/volume ratio. These semipermeable membranes form a two-compartment system by separating cells from medium and allow cells to grow in high densities. This technology leads to improved culture quality and less demand for consumables.

The hollow fiber modules are fully integrated in Cellab® Disposable Sets which are operated by the reusable Cellab® Docking Station. In a semi-automated process the docking station enables a sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells during the complete culture process. This allows self-contained cell culturing in a closed system under GMP like requirements.

Features & Benefits

Semipermeable membrane

Cellab Products semipermeable membrane HF

The porous surface structure of the membrane provides a more in-vivo like culture environment with excellent nutrient supply.

The membrane allows for free mass transfer via diffusion between cell and medium compartment. The defined membrane cut-off retains cells, proteins and high molecular weight growth supplements in the cell compartment.

The result is a high concentrated culture product and less need for growth factor supplementation.

2-compartment technology

Cellab Products 2 compartment technology

The semipermeable membrane physically separates the bioreactor into a medium and a cell compartment with selective accessibility.

The membrane allows continuous nutrient supply to the cell compartment with a concurrent removal of metabolites. This enables long-term cell culturing with high yields of concentrated cell culture product.

Upscaling made easy

Cellab Products Upscaling

Cellab easily speeds up your cell cultivation process from lab-scale to market by offering a broad range of different sized hollow fiber modules ranging from about 100 cm² up to 2500 cm² of culture surface area without the need for validating a new system.

Plug & Play cell culture system

The Cellab® Bioreactor System can easily be integrated into your existing lab infrastructure and cell culturing methods without any specific requirements for your laboratory, materials or media. The entire system is designed to fit in a standard CO2-incubator and the associated software runs on a standard Windows computer without the need for a permanent connection.

Disposable sets are delivered fully assembled and pre-sterilized. Once the disposable set is connected to the docking station and the media is added the cell culture process can be started.

Automation for reproducible cell culturing

Less medium changes are required, reducing the risk of contamination and saving time.


Hollow fiber bioreactors are ideally suited for lab- and small-scale production of up to 100 mg high concentrated cell products (e.g. hybridoma based monoclonal antibody production, recombinant protein production, etc.). The scalability of the products makes it suitable for R&D to small scale antibody production up to pilot scale production.

As a result, it allows your cell culture process to scale from lab to market with greater pace and efficiency by minimizing costs and shortening timelines.

The high surface area of the hollow fiber module allows culturing of up to 107 adherent or suspended cells. The 3-dimensional structure enhances the cell to cell interaction which improves culture quality and shortens the doubling time. The closed system allows manufacturing according to GMP requirements.

Using up to 5 small hollow fiber bioreactors allows for parallel cultivation within a single disposable set for various academic or commercial research applications. It facilitates performing parallel experiments for evaluating novel cell lines or media formulations. The Cellab® Bioreactor System is suitable either for serum-supplemented or serum-free cell culturing.

Biomass production

Protein production

 Versatility in the biotech landscape

  • Biopharmaceutical production
  • Cell based therapies
  • Stem cell research
  • Drug discovery

Applications overview

Technical specification & ordering information

                                                         Disposable Set
  1 HF/S
Disposable Set
1 HF/M
Disposable Set
1 HF/L
Disposable Set
5 HF/S
Art. No.: 0510025 (ECS)
0510029 (ICS)
0510000 (ECS)
0510030 (ICS) 
0510018 (ECS)
0510019 (ICS)   
0510026 (1-bag,ECS)
0510058 (5-bag, ECS)
0510062 (5-bag, ICS)       
Bioreactor modules 1 x Small 1 x Medium 1 x Large 5 x Small
Membrane Polysulfone Polysulfone Polysulfone Polysulfone
MWCO 20 kDa 20 kDa 20 kDa 20 kDa
Cultivation area ECS 190 cm² 550 cm² 2,500 cm² 5x 190 cm²
Culture volume ECS 1.6 ml 4.7 ml 17 ml 5 x 1.6 ml
Cultivation area ICS 130 cm² 390 cm² 1,800 cm² 5 x 130 cm²
Culture volume ICS 0.9 ml 2.2 ml 11 ml 5 x 0.9 ml
Gas transfer modules 1 x Mini 1 x Mini 1 x Mini 5 x Mini
Medium reservoir 1 x 1,200 ml 1 x 1,200 ml 1 x 1,200 ml 1 x 1,200 ml /
5 x 100 ml
Required docking station  DS-03 DS-03 DS-03 DS-04

All Cellab® Disposable Sets are intended for single use only and will be delivered sterilized by gamma irrradiation, SAL 10-5. All our products are delivered fully assembled and ready to use with an initial set of sterile filters, caps and one medium transfer system for the media filling process.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services.

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