Cellab® Bioreactor System

Product portfolio

The Cellab® Bioreactor System consists of a disposable set equipped with different single use bioreactor configurations including:

and a reusable docking station which operates the disposable set.

Cellab® Bioreactor System Applications

It combines affordable single-use cell culturing with precise automation for standardization of lab scale and small scale applications.

The modular platform design of the disposable set allows for selection of the optimal individual bioreactor configuration according to the cell culture needs.

Docking station

Reusable control device containing all components to operate the disposable set and to communicate with the control computer

Hollow Fiber Bioreactor - Disposable Set

Efficient and scalable cell culture platform for high density cell culturing using bioreactors of semi-permeable hollow fiber membranes

Scaffold Holder - Disposable set

Highly flexible and efficient bioreactor configuration for tissue engineering using up to 5 individual scaffold holders