Cellab® Bioreactor System

Tissue Engineering with the Cellab® Bioreactor System

With the Cellab® Bioreactor System you can achieve:

Benefits for tissue engineering

With advances in regenerative medicine, there is an increasing demand for tissue engineering aimed at improving, repairing or replacing a tissue function or a whole living organism using the patient's own cells developed in vitro and reintroduced into the body.

With the Cellab® Bioreactor System, we offer the possibility to choose between 2 distinct bioreactor systems dedicated to tissue engineering: (1) x-well plate bioreactors with flat membrane-based inserts that are suitable for growing cells, tissue-engineered skin or other tissues and (2) Scaffold holder bioreactors that allow culturing of stem cells on various scaffold types for differentiation into bone or cartilage tissues.

Cellab GmbH Tissue Engineering Inserts1. Flat-membrane inserts (2D/3D tissue engineering)
Cellab GmbH Tissue Engineering Scaffolds2. Scaffolds (3D tissue engineering)

Cellab Tissue Engineering

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Parallel cultivation of complex 3D tissues in a semi-automated process

The Cellab® Bioreactor System allows for parallel cultivation of up to 96 samples with flat membrane-based inserts (dialysis membrane or polycarbonate membrane) or parallel cultivation of up to 5 different cell lines with scaffold bioreactors. As a result of this standardised production process, the tissue quality is reproducible while also reducing the handling time and media cost (see the following table).

The Cellab® Bioreactor System allows you to monitor the whole cell cultivation process and reduces the amount of media and handling time. Controlling software is provided at no additional charge and is usable with any Windows 7 or 8 computer. Therefore you will achieve more reliable results with a reduced risk of failure and contamination. This cultivation process is reproducible and easy to scale up.

High density with reduced media consumptionCellab GmbH Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

The Cellab® Bioreactor System helps you obtain a cell proliferation followed by differentiation into different tissue types like cartilage or bone. Growth factors can be added easily and at any time into the bioreactor system. The cells can be maintained inside of the scaffold for a period of minimum 15 days.

The Cellab® Bioreactor System at a glance:


  • Easy-to-use and reliable disposable bioreactor system
  • Cultivates high cell densities
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Reduced media volume


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Cellab GmbH Tissue Engineering Ordering Information

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