About Us

About Us

Cellab GmbH is an innovative German company located in Radeberg at the outskirts of Dresden/Germany. It develops and manufactures hollow fiber membranes and single-use filtration modules suitable for various applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industry.

Cellab GmbH is a subsidiary of Alpha Membrane Technologies - the leader in biomedical membrane technology with a unique combination of membrane, device, and manufacturing technology competencies.

Cellab Radeberg Germany 

Cellab GmbH operates in two main segments:

1) Contract development and manufacturing of hollow fiber membranes and membrane-based modules that meet your specific requirements with the ability to produce individual samples to supplying mass produced modules using our unique know-how and manufacturing technology.
If required, Cellab can also help you construct entire manufacturing facilities on your premises in cooperation with our sister company Alpha Plan GmbH.

2) Supply of our innovative Cellab® Bioreactor System available in multiple configurations including hollow fibers.

  • an easy-to-use and scalable dynamic bioreactor system for both adherent and suspension cell culturing
  • high cell densities in 3D configuration,
  • reduced consumables with minimal intervention,
  • high level of reproducibility, reliability and precision

The Cellab® Bioreactor System is ideally suited for lab or small-scale biomass and protein production as well as for tissue engineering and other regenerative medicine applications.